How to Host an eBook Giveaway

You see, I’m new to the blogging community, and I rarely receive Blog tour emails, and they usually require a giveaway to go along with your post. There’s this one email(blog tour request)and they require me to give away a few eBook copies, but here’s […]

Why Giveaways Won’t Give You More Followers

Every now and then I see people talking about giveaways and how they’re jealous of the “rich” bloggers who can afford to host tons of giveaways, because giveaways lead to more followers. These bloggers feel like they’re at a disadvantage because since they can’t afford […]

Tips For New Book Bloggers

After a year of blogging, I’ve had some time to recognize and reflect on some of the mistakes I made. I’ve combined those mistakes and a couple other ideas I conjured up to bring you a list of tips for new book bloggers! Hopefully this […]

7 Things I Wish All Book Bloggers Would (or would not) Do

7 Things I Wish All Book Bloggers Would (or would not) Do

I hope I don’t come off as a bitch with this list. I’m not trying to target certain bloggers or spotlight anyone, I’m just expressing some frustrations I have as a reader of blogs (rather than as a writer for one)! You don’t have to […]

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