Goodreads Reviews Can Outrank Your Blog Reviews

Like many bloggers, I cross-post my reviews. I post them on Nose Graze, Goodreads, and sometimes Amazon. A few months ago, someone asked me if cross-posting book reviews will hurt your SEO. At the time, I did a lot of research before answering that question. […]

What Do I Want in a Book Review/Cataloging Website?

Lately I’ve found that I’m spreading myself thin across the book review/cataloging websites. It has made me wonder: what the heck am I doing? Why can’t I just pick one site and stick with it? Why am I feeling uncertain? The different sites out there […]

My Blogging Confessions

I have some blogging confessions to make. Some of these are cold hard truths, or things I’m slightly afraid to admit, or just things that are on my mind. So have a read, then make your own confessions! I judge a blog by its design […]

Dear Goodreads Users: Why I Won’t Accept Your Friend Request

I like having Goodreads friends and I’m honoured when someone sends me a friend request. But today I’m going to talk about when I don’t accept friend request. Your request will be rejected if: You have more friends than books This is a good indicator […]

The Most Important Social Media Sites for Growing Your Blog

I may not be the all powerful, all knowledgeable, social media guru, but at least I can share my experiences. I’ll talk to you a bit about my traffic from social media, and how beneficial I think each site is for growing your blog! Social […]

Goodreads Gets Bought by Amazon! – Why This is Awesome News

Goodreads Gets Bought by Amazon! – Why This is Awesome News

Today Goodreads announced that they have been bought by Amazon! I personally think this is fabulous news! Improvements on the horizon! It’s no secret that Goodreads’ servers suck. They seriously do. How often do you see that “Goodreads is over capacity” page when you try […]

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