Achieving Inbox Sanity (and why I moved to a new support platform)

Achieving Inbox Sanity (and why I moved to a new support platform)

How you manage your email inbox can be a reflection of how organized and focused you are with your business. My inbox represents clutter and distraction. Confession: I have every single email (business and personal combined) in the same place—in one inbox. I’ll let that […]

A Small Navigation Menu Will Help Guide Your Readers

A Small Navigation Menu Will Help Guide Your Readers

Hi Ashley! I was wondering how you can change the menu size limit on Because I can’t add anymore pages and I actually need to add a few more. Is it possible to change the menu size limit? And if so, where and how […]

How to Rock Your Blog in the New Year

The new year is the perfect time to spice up your blog. Your blog is probably already pretty awesome, but there are always things we can do to make it better. I have a few ideas to help you get your blog kicking ass in […]

6 Things You Don’t Need in Your Sidebar

Your blog is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. If you like busy sidebars, that’s totally your business! I’ve seen some bloggers that have over 100 widgets in their sidebars. I think it’s a bit nuts, but if that’s what […]

Can You Manage More Than One Blog?

I’ve seen more and more bloggers lately talking about starting a second blog (for writing, personal stuff, or something else). I am in complete awe of anyone who can manage more than one blog! I just can’t keep up with more than one There have […]

How I Organize My Computer Files

Someone suggested I do a post on how I organize my computer files… so here it is! I originally thought this post would have a lot more cool info than I think I turned out having, but I hope you still enjoy it. 😛 I’m […]

Review: Talon by Julie Kagawa

Review: Talon by Julie Kagawa

Talon wasn’t what I imagined Here’s what I THOUGHT Talon would be: Dragon lore/history Dragons blending in with society to take over government/military/organizations Dragons in disguise assassinating humans Dragon politics, hierarchy, and structure Epic dragon battles and wars Dragon training programs FIREBREATHING Forbidden romance Here’s […]

I Deleted My Categories!

I did it! I reduced 35 categories to only 10! This process was a little scary. I shouldn’t have been that worried or afraid because I keep regular backups of my blog, so I could always fall back to that just in case… BUT STILL! […]

How Organized is Your Computer Desktop?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got a new 500GB SSD for my computer to replace my 250GB one. At first, I was planning on cloning my old hard drive to my new one to copy everything over seamlessly. But then I thought, […]

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