What to Use as Tags for Your Blog Posts

When adding labels/tags to blog posts, which do you think are necessary? Do you think it’s necessary to have a label for every book series mentioned on the blog, etc, such as ‘Divergent’ ‘The Hunger Games’? I’ve had my blog for a few years but […]

Restructuring Your Blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about Nose Graze and where it’s headed. I recently talked about why we should stop being obsessed with ‘features’ on our blogs, but that has also gotten me thinking about my category structure on Nose Graze. I have a lot […]

I Don’t “Manage” Blogging – I’m a Mood Lifer

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately that are titled things like: How do you manage your reading schedule? How do you make time for blogging? School is starting soon—how do you make time for your blog? Then the posts themselves and the comments […]

The Best Way to Sort Review Archives

Hi Ashley! I just wanted to know your view on the best way to sort reviews. Should I do it by author’s last name, first name? Title? Rating?! I would love to do more than one way but I honestly don’t have the time for […]

I Challenge You to Clean Up Your Tags/Labels!

I’ve moved a lot of people from Blogger to WordPress. When doing so, I usually go through and convert most of their old “labels” to tags, because by default they’re all set as categories, but really most of them should be tags. When doing so, […]

I’m a Disorganized Blogger… and I Love It!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about people wanting to “get their blog organized” (this is a popular New Years Resolution). They talk about calendars, notebooks, memos, and planners. This totally works for some people, and I’m thrilled for them! Different strokes for different folks, […]

How-To: Setting Up Gmail Filters to Organize Your Emails

How do email filters work? How are they set up and whats is the best way you find to utilize them? Mega Filters combined with labels/categories are a great way to organize your emails. I find that filters are best combined with labels. A label […]

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