It’s getting harder for me to write book reviews

I used to review every single book I read. I didn’t force myself to do it, I just did it naturally. I had no problem sitting down to write a review the second I finished reading. Usually I was eager to get my thoughts out […]

Why You Should Give Zero Fucks About Posting Critical Book Reviews

Reviews are not for impressing or pleasing publishers. Reviews are not for getting into a publisher’s “good graces” by showing them you love everything. Reviews are not for making authors feel good. Reviews are about you, your thoughts, your experiences, your opinions, and how you […]

My Blogging Confessions

I have some blogging confessions to make. Some of these are cold hard truths, or things I’m slightly afraid to admit, or just things that are on my mind. So have a read, then make your own confessions! I judge a blog by its design […]

Will Cross-Posting Book Reviews Hurt Your SEO?

Hey there, Ashley. I have a concern regarding cross posting reviews on various sites. I know that some people consider it lame if you just post the summary of your reviews on Goodreads or booklikes and then just provide a link of your blog for […]

How to Write Great Reviews… By Not Trying To

How to Write Great Reviews… By Not Trying To

A couple weeks ago, someone confronted me on Twitter and suggested that I do a post on how to write great book reviews, because it’s something the person always struggled with. I sat with this idea for weeks and weeks, but never wrote the post. […]

For Ratings: Are You a Calculator or a Feeler?

For Ratings: Are You a Calculator or a Feeler?

We all rate our books differently. So my question for you is: Are you a Calculator or a Feeler? WordPress Rating Report Plugin The calculators. These are the people who carefully consider each rating before giving it. They really break the book down and look […]

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