Protect the WordPress Admin Area with htpasswd

Protect the WordPress Admin Area with htpasswd

I receive an awesome WordPress security question from Shannelle: Ashley! You’ve mentioned that you got to do a login page to access the real login page, and I was wondering, how did you do that? I’m being bothered by so many emails about people trying […]

Seriously, Update WordPress

Seriously, Update WordPress

Have you ever seen this before? If you use self-hosted WordPress, you have. You know what baffles me? People who ignore this message. Sometimes for years. Yes, I’ve seen some people using WP versions that are YEARS out of date. Isn’t that just completely baffling? […]

Do You Know Your Blog Login Details?

It astounds me how many people don’t know their own login details. Or they think they know them, but it turns out they don’t. When I provide support for my plugins and themes, it’s fairly common that I need to ask for login details to […]

Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Care About Adobe “Spying”?

A couple weeks ago I read an article about how Adobe is spying on its users with Digital Editions 4. Am I the only one who isn’t outraged by this? I actually couldn’t care less. Before I get into that, here’s some background information from […]

It Turns Out, The iThemes Security Creators Aren’t Very Secure

It Turns Out, The iThemes Security Creators Aren’t Very Secure

So, the iThemes site was hacked On September 23rd, the iThemes team announced that their website had been attacked and their database was compromised. Now, before I dig into that, you may have heard of iThemes in one of two places: You use their theme […]

Do You Need to Worry about Failed Login Attempts? (iThemes Security)

I’ve been receiving tons of notifications about bad login attempts from users. Should I be worried? I’m currently using iThemes security. Thanks, Ashley! Della Hi Della! People are going to try to gain access to your blog for malicious reasons. That’s just a fact. If […]

How to Not Get Locked Out of Your Blog (iThemes Security)

This post focuses on WordPress lockouts when using the iThemes Security plugin. First I’m going to talk about how you could accidentally get locked out of your blog, then how to remove that lockout, then after covering that, I’ll talk about how to avoid it […]

Why Your WordPress Site Was Hacked

From October last year until about January I was experiencing a lot of downtime (at some point, 70% of the time) on my WordPress blog (hosted at my own domain). Despite keeping everything up to date and not having a lot of plugins installed, I […]

WordPress Security Reminder – Stay Safe & Don’t Get Hacked!

Always back up your WordPress blog! I’ve already done a post on how to backup and restore your WordPress blog but this is seriously SO IMPORTANT that I need to remind everyone again! If your WordPress site gets hacked, your blog is GONE! …unless you […]

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