The Opt-In Location that Generates the Most Subscribers

The Opt-In Location that Generates the Most Subscribers

Seven months ago I reported my top pages that led to subscribers. I talked about how I got the most subscribers on my homepage by far (60). Today I’m not talking about pages. I’m talking about opt-in locations. I have three opt-ins: which one is […]

Do You Have a Subscribe via Email Option?

Whenever I come across a blog that DOESN’T have a “Subscribe via Email” option for following, I’m floored. Why don’t they? They’re cutting off a huge chunk of would-be followers! If someone doesn’t have their RSS feed link in their sidebar or a Bloglovin’ link […]

Why Giveaways Won’t Give You More Followers

Every now and then I see people talking about giveaways and how they’re jealous of the “rich” bloggers who can afford to host tons of giveaways, because giveaways lead to more followers. These bloggers feel like they’re at a disadvantage because since they can’t afford […]

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