The Difference between, Premium, and Self Hosted

The Difference between, Premium, and Self Hosted with a custom domain. Premium / self-hosted What the hell is the difference between all these?? The WordPress differences are confusing. It’s all because there’s a and a and they look the same except for the end of the […]

Some of the Restrictions on Blogs

I know free hosting is way more restrictive than, but there are two main things I’d like to know about what we can do—your recent post on font icons, can these be used on .com? And also I wanted to put a publisher-created […]

Walkthrough: Moving from to Self-Hosted

I know you’ve done lots of posts about moving from blogger to, but how easy is it to move from to Do you still have to back up all your posts? Is there anything different? Debbie Hi Debbie! Moving from to […]

Moving From Blogger to – Does it cost anything & should you do it?

Before we get into the main question this week, I’m going to answer a pre-question! What’s the difference between and and both use the same WordPress blogging platform. The difference is that is free and is not. With, […]

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