Warning: Drooling May Occur

Noah: Beautiful design and simplicity


Honestly, I think it’s impossible not to. Designs all across the globe are green with envy, because NOAH BEATS THEM ALL!!

A new WordPress theme by me and Anna

Noah is Anna’s and my latest pre-made WordPress theme. You know what that means? IT COULD BE YOURS!!

When Anna and I made this theme, we both wanted to use it. I can’t speak for Anna, but I know my eyes were wet with tears of happiness every time I opened up my coding application to work on Noah. And I think this theme took me longer than usual to code because I was constantly distracted by its beauty. The typography, the spacing, the colours, THAT AWESOME SLIDE OUT THINGIE AT THE TOP!! It’s all just so perfect.


A built-in homepage

Originally, Noah was just going to be a blogging theme. But after it was mostly coded and ready to go, Anna and I realized we HAD to add a homepage. We knew that Noah had so much potential. It was perfect for a business or creative website. It needed that homepage capability! So Anna totally rallied and whipped out a stunning homepage design.

And with the homepage came TESTIMONIALS! I honestly got really carried away with this. I coded a section in the admin panel where you can easily add testimonials… but more than that, I added this super cool live preview thingie. You can actually see what your testimonial will look like from the admin panel!

The admin panel where you can add a testimonial and see a live preview

So, like, you type and it updates. INSTANTLY!


In her mockup, Anna had all these cool widget idea. I’m talking popular posts, latest comment, social media, and more. So I ended up coding six custom widgets for Noah. SIX!

Our goal is to make it super easy to set up the theme. That means getting great widget designs and layouts without having to code it yourself. That’s why we created so many widgets that you can use to create more dynamic layouts and designs.

See it for yourself

You really have to see Noah for yourself in action in order to see how amazing it is. Anna and I were both so tempted to install it on our own sites because we love it THAT much!! I was in the process of creating a new design for Nose Graze when Anna handed me the PSD file and I just kept thinking to myself, “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!!” I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. 😉

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    1. I keep telling Anna that we need a real, legal disclaimer to warn people about the inevitable drooling. It’s unavoidable and we cannot be held responsible for ruined keyboards or computer monitors.

      Hehe 😉

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