What is Your Favourite or Strangest Reading Nook?

nook |no?k|
a corner or recess, esp. one offering seclusion or security : the nook beside the fire.

We all have places where we like to cuddle up and read, whether it’s in bed, on our favourite sofa, in a coffee shop, or somewhere else. These are our reading nooks! What is your favourite or strangest reading nook?

I had a weird one a few weeks ago. It was insanely hot in California.. too hot. I felt like I was melting and it made doing anything extremely uncomfortable. I decided to camp out in my parents’ wine cellar (it’s nice and cool in there)! I made a cozy little den for myself out of pillows and blankets, bundled myself up in a sweatshirt, grabbed my book, and got reading!

If anything, I was almost a little too cold in this nook!

Reading Nook in the Wine Cellar

So where’s your favourite place to read? Or where’s the strangest place you’ve camped out with your book?

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  1. Oh that is an amazing reading nook. I could use a place like that in the summer time. My favorite place to read in the summer is in the pool, actually, as it keeps me cool and relaxed. Later at night, or when it’s a bit breezier, I love to read on my front porch. I don’t think I have a STRANGEST place though. Hmm…


    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Interview: The Orphan, The Poet
    1. I totally agree that the pool is an awesome place to read! During the summer I go to the pool a lot with my mom and we both bring our books! 🙂

  2. Hmm… I used to love sitting outside in the shade. Sometimes in a hammock. But I don’t have a garden anymore, so… In the living room, curled up under a blanket (when it’s cold) in a one-seat couch. Or my bed of course.
    When I still had a garden, I read a lot outside. My laptop on the table, my book in my hands. Doing three or four things at a time. 😛

    Bieke @ Istyria book blog recently posted: Review: Freak of Nature by Julia Crane
  3. I have a little nest of body pillows and blankets that live permanently on the floor (except when I pick them up to wash them or vacuum). My cats sleep on the chair and I read or watch TV from the floor.

    Jenna recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday
  4. when its nice and sunny in London (so basically very rarely) I sit on my hammock in the garden. I honestly mostly read flat on my back on the carpet because I’m afraid I slouch too much and use the laptop too much so I like to lie on the floor to keep my spins straight haha and its comfy

    Samena recently posted: Stacking The Shelves [1]

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