It’s Okay to Want to Grow Your Blog

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d really encourage you to pop over to Bibliolatry Me’s post on “Why do you blog?” That’s really what spurred this post! Lenore brings up some fantastic ideas that will have you pondering why YOU blog. If you […]

Can You Manage More Than One Blog?

I’ve seen more and more bloggers lately talking about starting a second blog (for writing, personal stuff, or something else). I am in complete awe of anyone who can manage more than one blog! I just can’t keep up with more than one There have […]

I Care About Numbers

It seems like everyone writes a post about how they’re, “done with page view/follower numbers because they’re not important!” Then heads all around nod in agreement. I’m going to talk about “the thing you don’t talk about” and that’s the fact that I care about […]

Why I Don’t Like WordPress Theme Frameworks

Frameworks like Genesis can be okay for people who don’t know how to code I think the Genesis framework and a child theme is fine for people who don’t know how to code. I’m talking about people who want to buy a powerful theme structure, […]

Posts I Wasn’t Inspired to Finish

There are few better things than publishing an awesome/successful blog post. But for every blog post that I publish, I have a post that I DIDN’T finish. I lost inspiration, or couldn’t figure out what to say. Whatever it was, SOMETHING caused me not to […]

Going on Vacation: To Post or Not to Post?

Going on Vacation: To Post or Not to Post?

Have you ever been on vacation or taken a step away from your blog? If so, did you schedule a bunch of posts in advance? Or did you just have zero posts while you were away? I was inspired to publish this post when I […]


This Kathleen Hale business has led to a few things: Bloggers being concerned about their safety and privacy Bloggers starting a “Blogging Blackout”—no book reviews for a while A few silly authors criticizing bloggers for participating in the blackout Bloggers getting discouraged, unmotivated, and wondering, […]

Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Care About Adobe “Spying”?

A couple weeks ago I read an article about how Adobe is spying on its users with Digital Editions 4. Am I the only one who isn’t outraged by this? I actually couldn’t care less. Before I get into that, here’s some background information from […]

Why “Follow Backs” Are Pointless

Have you ever seen someone say, “Follow me, I follow back!” I mostly see it on Twitter but it also pops up on blogs (especially in comments on memes that link up). I think this is pointless behaviour. By telling me you “follow back”, I […]

How Organized is Your Computer Desktop?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got a new 500GB SSD for my computer to replace my 250GB one. At first, I was planning on cloning my old hard drive to my new one to copy everything over seamlessly. But then I thought, […]

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