Have You Ever Been Afraid to Reread a Book?

I’m in a bit of a slump right now. I have a problem where none of the books in my TBR pile sound good. Obviously they sounded good to me at one point, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my TBR. But right now, I just […]

When It’s Okay to Start Requesting ARCs from Publishers

At what point in your blogging career is is appropriate to email a publisher about ARCs. I have used NetGalley for reviews as a smaller blog. But now that my blog had grown I was wondering when was a good time. Thank you! 🙂 Amber […]

The Best Way to Sort Review Archives

Hi Ashley! I just wanted to know your view on the best way to sort reviews. Should I do it by author’s last name, first name? Title? Rating?! I would love to do more than one way but I honestly don’t have the time for […]

I Don’t Know What My Favourite Books Are

Last week, it came up in conversation with someone that I was a book blogger. So, naturally, her next question was: “What are some of your favourite YA books?” I had a total “deer in headlights” moment. Favourite books? Uhh.. well, surely I have some. […]

Should You Review Books from Different Age Groups on One Blog?

Hi Ashley! First of all… I LOVE your site. It’s awesome and very pretty and fresh. I came across it while searching for “etiquette” questions about book blogging. I’m having a hard time finding my answer. LOL My question is: Is it okay to have […]

Erotica Warnings – Are they necessary?

Warnings for Erotica Books – Is This A Rule? I was wondering about the warnings that you put on your book reviews for erotic type books: “Warning: This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence. It is only recommended for […]

Discussing: Books we think we’ll love.. but then we don’t

Discussing: Books we think we’ll love.. but then we don’t

Sometimes we think we’ll love a book to bits and pieces, but then we don’t… Whenever this happens to me, I can’t help but think: Did I legitimately not like this book? Or did other factors cause me to not like it? Sometimes a book […]

How to Receive Physical ARCs – Information & Good Practices

How to Receive Physical ARCs – Information & Good Practices

I have been meaning to do a post about ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) for ages, and finally I got a bit of encouragement to finally get my butt in gear and make a post. Christine submitted this BBB Question: How do bloggers receive physical ARCs? […]

Blogoversary Day 2: Statistics About the Books I Read

Blogoversary Day 2: Statistics About the Books I Read

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 2 of my one year blogoversary! Today I have some cool statistics I’d love to share with you guys about the books I have read since starting the blog! Source Stats This first table shows you how many books I […]

Can You Quote From ARCs?

We have an AWESOME question this week about quoting from ARCs! It’s actually one that I’ve always wondered myself: I always wonder about quoting from an ARC. Is it okay? Some ARCs have quoting guidlines on them, like checking your quote to the published book. […]

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