Don’t Forget to Tell Me Who You Are on Your About Page

Your about page road map: 1) describe your ideal reader; 2) discuss how you can help them; 3) tell them about yourself!

Whenever you read a post on how to write your about page, the person usually talks about how your about page isn’t about you.

Instead, they say the page is your opportunity to connect with the reader and describe how you can help them.

To a certain extent, I do agree with that. I definitely use a similar method in my post on writing your about page. But if there’s one thing that annoys me, it’s an about page that tells me NOTHING about the blogger.

Yes, your about page is a place to connect with your reader. But it should still be about you.

When I click on an about page, it’s not because I want you to tell me who I am. I don’t want to sit there reading your text about how I’m this, and I’m that, and here’s how you can help. Blah blah blah. Too much sales.

I click through to your page because I literally want to see the face behind the blog.

  • Who are you? Show me your face!
  • How old are you? I don’t need an exact number, but I like to have an idea. Are you in high school? College? In your mid-20s? Mid-40s? Give me an idea!
  • Do you have a family? Are you married?
  • What do you like to do when you’re not blogging?
  • How did you get stared in this?

Don’t get so caught up in selling and pitching that you forget to give me YOU.

I care about you. I care about the person and the face behind the blog/business. I seriously want to know about you, your interests, and your life.

If I walk away from your about page feeling like I don’t know you at all, then I’m sure as hell not going to buy from you.

Your about page road map.

  1. Forge a connection with me. Paint your ideal reader/customer.
  2. Talk about what you can do for me.
  3. Conclude with WHO YOU ARE. Show me your picture. Give me your bio.

People often forget step #3, which sucks, because as far as I’m concerned, that’s THE WHOLE POINT of an about page. I visit the about page to learn about you. #1 and #2 are extras. They’re ways of using an about page to target your ideal reader. But in all honesty, I visited your about page to learn who the hell you are. Don’t forget that.

Have you ever seen an about page that didn’t talk about the blogger AT ALL?

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  1. Perfect timing, Ashley! I’m revamping the blog and have been re-writing my info pages and like you’ve predicted I have left step #3. *cringes*

    The problem with my initial About page is that I introduced myself to the reader and left out what they could expect from the blog. This time, I actually used your previous post on About pages as guideline to draft my current one.

    Now I’m off to write about myself. AWKWARD. 😛

    Nuzaifa @ Word Contessa) recently posted: Do You Call Yourself A Feminist?
    1. Yeah writing about yourself can be super hard. But I definitely think it’s an important step because your readers do care about who you are. They’re interested!! 🙂

  2. I don’t put a picture of me in my about page because of safety/privacy reasons. Will this put people off my blog because they don’t know who the person is?

    1. Some people may have a harder time forging a connection with you, but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. A photo is a great way to show people, “Yes, I’m a real person!” People like being able to put a face to the words.

  3. Always a great reminder that our about pages should totally focus on our targets and also our true personality and such. As I continue to rework my site, one thing I want to make sure is great is my About Page and also the Start Here.

    Sasha-Shae recently posted: 31 Days of Betterment

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