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Tweak Me Theme

One of the main reasons people buy the Tweak Me WordPress theme is because it’s so customizable. I love seeing how people change it up to make it their own. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite theme implementations! Most of these are the Tweak Me theme, but there are a couple other themes mentioned as well.

Click on the screenshots to visit the blogs!

In alphabetical order:

Coffee and Characters

Coffee and Characters
Tweak Me theme

I love this theme because you’d almost never guess it was Tweak Me! It’s totally unrecognisable, and that’s incredible! This particular customization was put together by New Chapter Designs.


IrisjeXx Tweak Me theme

This is another one that almost doesn’t look like Tweak Me at all. It looks like a 100% custom theme. And, it’s just gorgeous. 😉

The Leading Librarian

The Leading Librarian
Charlotte theme

The Leading Librarian design is one of my favourites because it uses the old Nose Graze theme (Charlotte) but the look and feel is SO different! I love the colours that she chose (the blue and yellow). I think they go brilliantly together. She also uses the Voltaire font that I mentioned when I listed 37 fonts I love.

Respiring Thoughts

Respiring Thoughts
Chloe theme

This is SO PERFECT!! I was thrilled when Renae bought the Chloe theme because it’s perfect for her blog. So crisp and clean. I can’t think of a better fit!

River City Reading

River City Reading
Tweak Me theme

These theme utilizes the HTML hooks in Tweak Me and a bit of custom CSS. I love how everything flows really well.

That Artsy Reader Girl

That Artsy Reader Girl
Tweak Me theme

That Artsy Reader Girl’s design has been one of my favourites for a long time. I think she did a fabulous job puttin gall the colours and graphics together. I also love her header! It all ties together so nicely and is super crisp and clean.

Want to see more?

I’m starting a collection of Creative Whim theme implementations in my theme showcase. Head on over to see 39 different blogs so far that all use Creative Whim themes!

Have you ever seen a Tweak Me customization that you absolutely LOVED?

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  1. Surprise surprise, I see a familiar blog in there. Haha I was reading your post through my email (not fully awake yet) and I had to look twice to make sure.
    It’s great seeing all those different Tweak Me customizations! It’s why I chose your theme in the first place. There are so many options, and it gives you the freedom to do whatever you like best.
    Thank you for mentioning me Ashley! 🙂

  2. i keep saying I’m not going to buy a theme from you until my job search is over, since I know that for like a week after I buy it, I’m not going to want to do anything but customize and stuff. 🙂 so not where my focus should be right now, but you’re so tempting me with this post! Haha

  3. So glad to see my blog here! I really wish I could take credit for the fantastic work, but it’s another one that goes to Stephanie at New Chapter Designs, too. She’s really showing off all the amazing things that can be done with your theme!

    1. I am hoping to put together a bunch of new themes soon, including portfolio and e-commerce themes. 🙂

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