Registration is Open! Learn How to Make a WordPress Theme

I’ve chosen a winner for the scholarship (congratulations, Kelly!), and now public registration IS OPEN!!

This course is for you if:

  1. You use WordPress.
  2. You like making graphics and tweaking CSS.
  3. You’re pretty good at HTML and styling.
  4. But you have NO IDEA how the WordPress theme structure works.
  5. PHP confuses or scares you. Or may you don’t even know what it is.
  6. You’re frustrated because you feel like you COULD make your own theme, you just don’t know how.

I’m targeting all the bloggers out there who already know HTML and CSS, they’re fairly comfortable tweaking a pre-made theme, but they have no idea how to make their own 100% custom theme. I’m going to help you!

By the end of the course, you will have TWO fully functioning WordPress themes. I will explain each step to help you understand the process. In the end, you’ll have all the structure in place, then all you have to do is add your own custom CSS.

A 12-lesson e-course

I’ve put together a 12-lesson e-course that spans over 30 days. During this time, I’ll teach you all about the WordPress theme structure, how to get started making your own theme, how to navigate around the WordPress Loop, how to create page templates, how to add in that fancy date box you see on some designs, and we’ll even go over two advanced topics:

  1. How to implement and use custom post types.
  2. How to create a separate WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework.

How does that sound?

I want this!

What’s the lesson plan, exactly?

If you want details, I’ve got them! Here’s the exact lesson plan you’ll have available to you:

  1. The Structure of a WordPress Theme — Learn about how themes are structured and what kind of files are required.
  2. Using PHP in WordPress — How to identify and use PHP, and what a super basic template looks like.
  3. Getting Started With Your First Theme — Take the first steps for setting up your theme. Construct the header.php, footer.php, and index.php files.
  4. Setting Up the Header & Column Structure — Add a header image and set up the column structure (with one main column and one sidebar).
  5. Functions.php, Widgets, and a Navigation Bar — Activate widget support and set up your navigation bar in the functions.php file.
  6. Introduction to The Loop — An overview of The Loop and how it’s used to cycle through posts (like displaying posts on your homepage).
  7. Adding PHP, Pagination & Thumbnails to The Loop — Add dynamic content to your Loop template, add previous/next page links, and add post thumbnails to your homepage.
  8. Individual Posts, Comment Forms, and Pages — Create templates for individual posts and pages. Learn how to add the comment form to posts.
  9. Adding a Footer Widget Area — Add a new widget area in the footer.
  10. Add a Date Box to Your Posts — Learn how to add the popular date box style to your post archives.
  11. Advanced: Creating Custom Post Types — Set up custom post types and learn how to style page templates for them.
  12. Advanced: Integrating Bootstrap Into WordPress — Create a brand new, second WordPress theme that uses the Bootstrap framework. Learn how to integrate the Bootstrap navbar into your navigation menu.

What kind of support do we get?

The e-course comes with three different support tiers. Everyone will have lifetime access to the lesson plan so you can refer back to them at every time. Everyone will also be able to download the theme files I’ve written at the end of each lesson. From there, the additional support is broken down into three different price packages:

  1. Basic Package — With this package, you get unlimited, lifetime access to all the course lessons. I will also answer any questions you have in the comments below each lesson.
  2. Feedback Package — You get everything included in the Basic Package, plus an extra layer of support. After each lesson, you will be able to email me your theme files. I will manually review them to make sure they don’t have any errors, and I will offer up comments/critiques if there’s room for improvement.
  3. Personal Test Site Package — This includes the Basic Package and the Feedback Package with an extra bonus: I will set up a test site just for you! You’ll have your very own WordPress development site hosted on my server. After I’m done reviewing your theme files, I’ll upload them to the test site so you can see your work live.

Gimme, gimme!!

Registration is open until October 27th, then class will begin! So hurry up and register to secure your spot. 🙂

Register Now (from $89.99)

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        1. Nope. The only thing you need is a good text editor. I link to a couple free recommendations in the Introduction. So if you don’t already have one, you can just download one of the free ones I suggest!

          Then, since you purchased the personal test site package, you can ignore the suggestions about WAMP/MAMP, since I do that bit for you. 🙂

  1. This seems like an awesome course. I’ve always wanted to learn how to use PHP. When do you think you’ll be offering it again?

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