Can You Quote From ARCs?

We have an AWESOME question this week about quoting from ARCs! It’s actually one that I’ve always wondered myself:

I always wonder about quoting from an ARC. Is it okay? Some ARCs have quoting guidlines on them, like checking your quote to the published book. But does that mean I can quote from the ARC and then check it to the published book when I get it or that I can’t quote from the book until I have checked it first. Some ARCs don’t say anything about quoting, what then?

I think the problem here is that many book bloggers receive ARCS and are expected to post their reviews before the book’s publication date. So how can we check any quotes against the final published book if our review is going up beforehand? Are we just not allowed to quote from ARCs period? Or can we, but with limitations?

Since I didn’t know the answer to this, I reached out to some of my publisher contacts to see what they thought. I think the answers I got prove that each publisher has different guidelines and conditions. If there is a publisher you review for often that isn’t on this list, then I recommend you contact them personally!


I think it’s fine for you to quote an ARC, as long as you don’t give away spoilers/mention that you’re quoting from the ARC.

So it sounds like quoting from an ARC is okay. Just don’t give away any spoilers!

Atria Books

If you post a review before the publication date, please do not include quotes from ARCs. This is for a few reasons: like you said, the quote wouldn’t be from the final copy of the book, but including quotes before the on-sale date also leads to spoilers (even if that isn’t your intention.) It’s best to avoid spoilers as much as possible! Also, keep in mind that the fair use word limit is under 500 words—our sub rights department likes to keep that in check.

Atria would prefer that reviewers do not quote from ARCs at all because it’s not a finished copy of the book and the text could change before publication. If the quote still exists in the final book, then you can use the quote, but you have to wait for the final copy to check.


If you post teasers, please don’t post any spoilers and only from the first 100 pages.

Note: the above quote from Entangled was about the ARC for The Collector in particular. I’m not sure if their conditions differ for other Entangled titles.

The consensus?

It looks like we don’t have much of a consensus! Some publishers are cool with it as long as you don’t quote spoilers, but others don’t want it done at all. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer, Jennifer!

As a blogger, do you quote from advanced reading copies?

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  1. I’ve actually never thought of it before! But now you’ve got me thinking. All the ARC’s I get are ebooks, not printed copies (I haven’t yet struck up a relationship with any Aussie publishers, and no US publisher will post overseas, I’ve found) – but then, I actually don’t quote from the books I’m reading. Hmmm, makes me think, now. And I just realized, I DID quote ONE line of dialogue from an advanced copy ebook just recently…, should I have done that?

  2. Yeah, I have been getting different answers from different book bloggers. It really does seem you just have to contact the publisher first. I always went with, if the ARC doesn’t say anything, I can quote from it. But that might not be right anymore. I also quote if the quotes are already up on Goodreads because I figure the publishers would remove them if they didn’t want them on there early. But again, I think we all should be asking the publishers for their preferences.

    Jennifer Bielman recently posted: Kindle & Nook Freebies #35
  3. You know, I do quote from ARCs occasionally in my Teaser Tuesday posts. Most of the ARCs I read have a message on the back that the quotes should be checked against the final copy of the book. I always figured that as long as I mentioned I was quoting from the ARC, and avoid spoilers, that it should be fine. I hope I’m doing okay with that!

    Kelley recently posted: Books I Read Before YA – Part 1
  4. I’ve never really thought about this to be completely honest; I guess I figured if I wasn’t allowed to do it it would be made explicit somewhere? Lol

    I do always acknowledge when my review comes from an ARC and I would never quote something that is spoilery. Hopefully that’s enough!

    Kelly recently posted: BlogLovin’ Or Feedly?
  5. I do sometimes quote a sentence or two, but I do “QUOTE (p. ARC)” so it’s obvious it’s coming from an ARC. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to check a finished copy when the purpose of getting an ARC is to review the book ahead of time. Plus, it seems like a lot of work for the publisher if you email them about quoting a sentence.

    Leeanna @ recently posted: Book Review: Kings of Ruin by Sam Cameron
  6. I totally quote from the ARC, but I always make sure it’s not a spoilery line, of course. I try to remember to mention it came from the ARC, but I think if people know I’m reviewing an ARC they can probably figure it out if I forget. I know the wording does change, so I guess I need to be better about listing it 🙂 Great topic!

    1. My pleasure! I used to quote from Atria books as well until I contacted them about it. Kind of a bummer because Atria books are some of the ones that I always want to quote from LOL!

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