Do You Have a Subscribe via Email Option?

Whenever I come across a blog that DOESN’T have a “Subscribe via Email” option for following, I’m floored. Why don’t they? They’re cutting off a huge chunk of would-be followers! If someone doesn’t have their RSS feed link in their sidebar or a Bloglovin’ link […]

When People You Know Unsubscribe to Your Blog

It always sucks when people unsubscribe from your blog. It can put you down, make you mope, make you doubt.. but… How do you feel when someone you know unsubscribes to your blog? I was looking through my subscribers the other day, and realized that […]

Subscribing to Blogs and Navigating the Blogosphere

Subscribing to Blogs: What’s the Difference? What’s the difference in subscribing? (via email or otherwise) What’s the best option to use? I’ve seen: Subscribe (via email) delivered by Feedburner. Subscribe (via email) powered by Mailchimp Subscribe (via email) Subscribe (When someone clicks on your RSS […]

Tutorial: How to Set Up Your Blog With MyMail & Amazon SES

Tutorial: How to Set Up Your Blog With MyMail & Amazon SES

Update: 5 April 2016: Since writing this article, MyMail has been replaced with Mailster. This article may no longer be relevant to the new Mailster plugin. I haven’t personally used the new version myself so I can’t vouch for it one way or another. The […]

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