How Much of an Obligation do Book Bloggers Have?

There’s always a lot of chatter in the community about how much of an obligation book bloggers have when it comes to ARCs. Let’s say a blogger is given an UNSOLICITED (meaning they didn’t ask for it) review copy of a book. Are they obligated […]

Those Exclusive BookExpo America Publisher Parties

Those Exclusive BookExpo America Publisher Parties

If you’re attending BookExpo America, you’ve probably caught wind of some of the exclusive publisher/blogger parties. These special parties are invite only. You hear about bloggers attending the “Harlequin Breakfast” or “Macmillan blogger happy hour”, etc. Then you start feeling bad about yourself and/or your […]

I Don’t Have Publisher or Author Contacts

Here are some of the things I see when I visit other blogs: Bloggers hosting guest posts from authors, and the way it’s written makes it seem like the author and blogger are close friends (and this post is not part of a blog tour) […]

Can/Should You Request Finished Copies of Books?

I was wondering if we, as book bloggers, may request finished copies of books? Is that a thing, and if so, can you guide us through doing so? Sam First, it’s important to understand that publishers usually have less finished copies to give away than […]

When You Get an ARC, Should You Send the Publisher Your Review?

When a publisher sends you an ARC should you or should you not send them an email with the link of the review? Harman Absolutely! If you get an ARC from a publisher (whether it’s one you requested or unsolicited), you should always email them […]

Publishers and Imprints

Hi, Ashley! Do you know of a really good list of publishers and their imprints? I’m a little OCD (lol, self-diagnosed) and like to sub-categorize my publishers—but sometimes it gets really confusing. Going to the publishers websites usually helps but not always—for example: Little, Brown […]

How to Receive Physical ARCs – Information & Good Practices

How to Receive Physical ARCs – Information & Good Practices

I have been meaning to do a post about ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) for ages, and finally I got a bit of encouragement to finally get my butt in gear and make a post. Christine submitted this BBB Question: How do bloggers receive physical ARCs? […]

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