Bring Your Blog Out of the Dark Ages

Bring Your Blog Out of the Dark Ages

I’ve always been stunned at people who insist on NOT having a responsive design. Do the enjoy having to pinch in on their phones and then scroll both vertically AND horizontally? Horizontal scrolling is THE WORST. I always lose track of which line I’m on. […]

Mobile Themes & Responsive Blog Designs

With UppSite Mobile announcing today that they will yank their plugin in July (this is what I was currently using) I’m wondering what people without coding skills use to make their Website/Blog mobile responsive? Better yet, how can someone customize the look of their site […]

Good Web Design Practices – Advanced

Responsive Design These days, the best websites in terms of functionality are the ones that cater to all kinds of devices. People regularly web browse on their computers (large devices), tablets (medium devices), and smartphones (small devices). But the problem is that if someone browses […]

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