The Perfect Cover (1) – The Selection

The Perfect Cover: The Selection

I’ve always judged books by their cover. I know people might not like that, but I honestly just can’t help it. Although in my defense, it has worked out quite well for me thusfar.

My first perfect cover is The Selection By Kiera Cass. I saw this book cover and I just went “Holy cow. I need to read that book.”

The colours — gorgeous.

The ruffles — interesting.

The font design — regal.

The half-hidden expression — intrigue.

I can’t wait until release date (April 24th) — I need this book now!!

The Selection by Kiera Cass

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  1. I saw Kiera Cass last weekend and she is the CUTEST!! I love this cover too and will definitely be reading it ASAP. I’ve heard it is quite good!

    1. I am sooooo incredibly jealous!!! I wish I could meet her! I’ll definitely be looking forward to you review after you read the book!

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