The pros and cons of requesting advanced reading copies

The pros and cons of requesting advanced reading copies

I just checked my email, and if that’s correct, the last advanced reading copy (ARC) I requested and was approved for was in December 2017 (The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green). It’s obviously been years since then, but I’ve been getting the itch to start […]

ARcs are Overrated Because…

They throw me off my flow More often than not, here’s what happens: Awesome new ARC gets put up on NetGalley. I’m so excited and I want to read it NOW! I hit “request”. I’M READY FOR YOU! I SHALL READ YOU TONIGHT! …crickets… No […]

Good Food, Great Books – Thanks, Scholastic!

Good Food, Great Books – Thanks, Scholastic!

I was so lucky to be invited to “Bloggers’ Book Feast” at the Scholastic UK offices today! The event was so much fun. We were surrounded by bloggers, authors, publicists, books, and food! That’s basically reader heaven. The mini ham and cheese baguettes were delicious. […]

How Much of an Obligation do Book Bloggers Have?

There’s always a lot of chatter in the community about how much of an obligation book bloggers have when it comes to ARCs. Let’s say a blogger is given an UNSOLICITED (meaning they didn’t ask for it) review copy of a book. Are they obligated […]

Will eARCs be Swapped Out for “Advanced Samples”?

Every now and then I stumble across an eARC sample on NetGalley. I’ve never requested them because I’m not big on samples, but they’re still there. Then, on Friday, an unmarked sample of an eARC was added to Edelweiss. When I say “unmarked” I mean […]

Quick! Hurry Up and Finish Those ARCs!

I’ve always had a bad habit of requesting a bunch of ARCs that I’m super excited for, receiving them, then not reading them straight away because the release date isn’t for another 3-6 (or more) months. But then, by the time it makes sense to […]

When It’s Okay to Start Requesting ARCs from Publishers

At what point in your blogging career is is appropriate to email a publisher about ARCs. I have used NetGalley for reviews as a smaller blog. But now that my blog had grown I was wondering when was a good time. Thank you! 🙂 Amber […]

I Don’t Have Publisher or Author Contacts

Here are some of the things I see when I visit other blogs: Bloggers hosting guest posts from authors, and the way it’s written makes it seem like the author and blogger are close friends (and this post is not part of a blog tour) […]

Have Physical ARCs Lost Their Appeal?

Jenna from Jenna Does Books posed a question on Twitter the other day: Curious question: who here still sends physical ARC requests to publishers? Jenna Does Books ‏@jennadoesbooks My response and those from other people got me thinking: have physical ARCs lost their appeal? A […]

I’m a Disorganized Blogger… and I Love It!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about people wanting to “get their blog organized” (this is a popular New Years Resolution). They talk about calendars, notebooks, memos, and planners. This totally works for some people, and I’m thrilled for them! Different strokes for different folks, […]

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