How to Know if You’re Allowed to Use an Image on Your Blog

Jennifer has submitted a fabulous question this week! With all the talk around the blogosphere of plagiarism, copyrights, and images, surely some of you must be wondering how to know if you’re allowed to use an image on your blog. So today we’re going to […]

WordPress Security Reminder – Stay Safe & Don’t Get Hacked!

Always back up your WordPress blog! I’ve already done a post on how to backup and restore your WordPress blog but this is seriously SO IMPORTANT that I need to remind everyone again! If your WordPress site gets hacked, your blog is GONE! …unless you […]

Creating Images, Button Grab Codes, ARCs for International Bloggers

Table of Contents How to Create Images Adding Button Grab Codes ARCs for International Bloggers How to Create Images Hi Ashley, All my images are ready on my desktop and I’m stuck at STEP 2: how to create image URLs directly? (I’m using Blogger). Many […]

Tips For New Book Bloggers

After a year of blogging, I’ve had some time to recognize and reflect on some of the mistakes I made. I’ve combined those mistakes and a couple other ideas I conjured up to bring you a list of tips for new book bloggers! Hopefully this […]

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

I didn’t spend enough time thinking and researching about my blog name before I created it (which is why I changed it from BookNook to Nose Graze), so hopefully I can write something that will help new bloggers start off on the right foot and […]

Moving From Blogger to – Does it cost anything & should you do it?

Before we get into the main question this week, I’m going to answer a pre-question! What’s the difference between and and both use the same WordPress blogging platform. The difference is that is free and is not. With, […]

How to Make a WordPress Child Theme (and why you should)

We have a great question this week for all you who are using pre-made WordPress themes! What are the benefits of using WordPress child themes? I’m afraid to try to tweak my “functions” or “themes” files. Is there an easy way to make a child […]

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