I’m a Disorganized Blogger… and I Love It!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about people wanting to “get their blog organized” (this is a popular New Years Resolution). They talk about calendars, notebooks, memos, and planners. This totally works for some people, and I’m thrilled for them! Different strokes for different folks, and all that. You have to find what works for you. But today I’m going to talk about why blog organization freaks me out.

Blogging is not my job

As soon as I start hooking my blog up with calendars, schedules, and memos, it’s going to feel like a job. When I request an ARC or contemplate buying a book, I don’t want to have to stop and think, “Wait, let me check my reading calendar.” I like the freedom that comes with disorganization. I like requesting books on a whim, I like reading ARCs published in May before the ones published in January (if that’s what I want to do). I like going out of order and following my mood when it comes to choosing my books. I’d rather follow my mood than a calendar.

For me, having a calendar and a schedule makes it feel too official. I associate those things with jobs, and blogging is not my job.

I actually did try having a calendar for a while and I hated it. Whenever I received an ARC, I would mark its release date on my Google calendar. Then I’d try to make sure I got them all reviewed and read them in a reasonable order so that I didn’t miss deadlines. But it turns out, that’s what I don’t like: the deadlines. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading on a deadline. If I’m in the mood for a contemporary, I’m going to read the contemporary released in May before the fantasy book released in January. If I don’t follow my mood, whims, and cravings, I’m not going to enjoy reading or blogging anymore.

Yes, sometimes that means I do miss “deadlines” (release dates). And sometimes that means I do 5 Bitchin’ Book Blog posts in a row without a single review. But I’m fine with that! I’d rather post what I want to post whenever I want to post it, than follow a strict schedule (like reviews on Monday, blog tips on Tuesday, meme on Wednesday, another review Thursday, etc.). I wait for inspiration to strike, then I roll with it.

Find what works for you!

Some people have schedules and calendars and it totally works for them! It makes them feel organized and they like that feeling, so that’s great! But for me, having a calendar or a schedule stresses me out. It makes me feel like I have to do things in a certain order and I can’t miss my deadlines. And that’s not how I want to feel about my blog!

Are you an organized or disorganized blogger?

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  1. I’ve been doing the calendar thingy for a year now because I don’t want to forget to review books that I requested, but lately I’ve been following my reading mood more. I’ve also been more lenient with how frequently I post and now allow myself two no-post days every week because yes, I’d hate for reading and blogging to feel like a job, which it certainly did last year >_<

    Kazhy recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday {42}
    1. I’m sorry it felt like a job for you last year. 🙁 It’s great that you’re trying to change that!

  2. Yup, I am the exactly same way. I do have a physical calendar/planner that I use to track blog tours and review obligations, but that’s it. I like not knowing what I am going to post on that day until I decide last minute, or reading whatever book I want in which ever order I want. I don’t want blogging to be a job so I make sure not to make it one.

    Jennifer Bielman recently posted: Review: Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R. Paulson
    1. Yeah I sort of track blog tours too. As soon as I get approved for a date, I create a scheduled draft of the post in WordPress. Then at least I won’t forget about it, because I always know what posts I have coming up, and that will show.

    1. Haha, but reading months before is so fun! 😀 And it gives the publishers more of a chance to throw a quote from your review up on Amazon or even inside the book!

  3. I’m totally a disorganized blogger. I do blogging just for fun, to share my fangirlingness of books. I also follow my mood in reading and blogging. I don’t post blog daily because :
    – I’m a slow reader
    – I work 9 hours a day
    – I use office wifi for blogging *cough* secretly
    I also have never requested arc because I’m afraid I couldn’t post a review on time. I’m way more disorganized blogger XD

    1. With your schedule I can understand why you wouldn’t request an ARC. Working 9 hours a day sounds awful! 🙁 *hugs*

  4. I tried scheduling my book reviews so I can keep track and it worked for a while until I went nuts and accepted too many books for review. I’m chucking blogging plans and scheds at the moment until I get into a nice blogging groove again. 😛

  5. I am a totally disorganized blogger with a very messy and cluttered house. It is frustrating, but it is me.

    Thanks for the post, it actually makes me feel better. After all, the reason we blog is to share for free and to let it all out, right? No schedule, no worry.



  6. Yay for bloggers who do what they want! (The, er, ultimate Loki blogger, right?) I post about this occasionally. I’m more of an organised thing…but at the end of the day, I REALLY want to blog about what I want to blog about (that was deep, *cough*). I’ve actually backed off asking for ARCs, because it freaks me out when I have to blog about them if I don’t want to. Blogging is a big deal to me, but I also like it because it’s fun.

    1. LOKI! WOOHOO! 😀

      But I agree, the best way to have fun with your blog is to write about whatever the hell you want! Expectations and obligations be damned! 😛

      1. What a great way to put it, not a disorganized blogger. ..a Loki blogger. I am trying to get so organized in other aspects of my home life, I was putting too much pressure on myself applying the same organization to blogging. I don’t get too many ARCs because I do want to get back to reading and blogging when I want!

  7. I am a disorganized blogger on a disorganized blog. We have three reviewers and communicate monthly. We don’t schedule with each other, or coordinate memes, or anything like that. When I finish a book I write a review that night, or the next, then post it. If I get an essay idea I work on it until I feel it is done and do the same.

    Picking my reads is even more random. Even with ARCS I feel little pressure, I read them and review them. If I need to hold my review because I read it too early I will, but I will never rush a read I don’t feel in the mood for to hit a date.

    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted: Urban Fantasy Review: ‘Blackbirds’ by Chuck Wendig
  8. Well, I think I’m an organized BLOGGER. . . but a disorganized READER. I schedule(though I don’t plan out) many post in advance, because I like to write post when I have inspiration. I also sometimes read really fast, and I write reviews right after, so they get scheduled pretty far in advanced. I color code a calendar because I have a lot of different features I like to do, and if I don’t list them/color-code them, I sometimes forget about them. That being said, I’m pretty flexible with that stuff and I move things around. I like blog things to be organized, post and such. I try to always have at least two week’s worth of post written & lined up(though I read so much at the beginning of the month that I now have double that).

    Reading, on the other hand. . . well, let’s just say the word “reading schedule” makes me break out in hives. I do keep track of ARCS just so I know, but I read them out of order, read what I want, and yeah, sometimes that means I read an ARC and post a review after it’s release date. Sometimes that means I read an ARC four months in advance and have a post scheduled for July. I’m okay with that, because otherwise, reading wouldn’t be fun for me. I tried to have a reading schedule for like. . . two weeks. It didn’t work well. The closest I can get is a general idea of which books on my TBR I plan on reading next, but nothing so. . . defined.

  9. I’m semi-disorganized too! I don’t have a schedule, and usually my posts are written the night before. Still, I get the appeal of a schedule in that it tells you what you “should” be doing, but you’re right that it makes blogging feel like a job.

    The reading schedule is one that I’ve never really understood. Sure I have lists of books that I’m planning to read, but I don’t tell myself when to read them and have deadlines. I just read what I feel like reading. I’m super happy for people that have one and it works for them, but even when blogging feels like a chore, I want actually READING to be just me time. Like you, I want to follow my moods because I’m bound to like the book better if I’m in the mood for it, and in the end, I want to read books that I like. But again, more power to the schedulers! It’s just not for me. 🙂

    Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews recently posted: Review: “Deception” by CJ Redwine
  10. Just yes. This is definitely how I am. I have tried to get organized before, but it just leaves me overwhelmed and stressed. I do have to read on a deadline with some things, but most of the time? I’d rather not have the stress. I read and reviewed something set to come out in March last November. Maybe that wasn’t my smartest move, but I wasn’t really considering the fact of how long it had till it released. I had the book, I wanted to read it more than the other books, and then I reviewed it because that’s what I do after I read something. The most organized I am is saying that I want to do one discussion post a week. And, ha, even that doesn’t always happen. I’m definitely disorganized. But as long as it works, I’m good with it. Great post!

    1. Haha I totally do that too! I’ve already read a few ARCs that aren’t due for release until June. I just desperately wanted to read them in the moment, so I did! *high five*

  11. I’m pretty much one of the most disorganized bloggers ever and always have been. I write posts the night before (even if I might have the IDEAS for a post months and months ahead of time). I don’t have a schedule for reading my ARCs like all other bloggers seem to. I can’t do that. I’m too much of a mood reader. I don’t do a lot of tours because 1) I’m picky about them but 2) the biggest thing is that they require me to have some sort of a schedule and I hate that. I’m so sporadic with everything I do but I don’t mind it. I get done what I want to get done but not keeping a strict schedule helps me feel less guilty about not posting when I don’t want to.

  12. I use a calendar and I find that it works for me. I usually get everything read on time, but I also don’t request too many since I have my own books, and I only go after ones I really want to read. I also toss in my own reads whenever I want so this helps me not stress out. I don’t always read them in order of when they come out either. 🙂

  13. I’m using a calendar now but mainly because I have to now that I have a co-blogger. It has actually taken a lot of stress of, “What am I going to post?” off my shoulders though. I switch out what books I’m going to review all of the time though so I basically read whatever I want unless I’m doing an event or blog tour (in which case I really do have to read said book).

    Stephanie B recently posted: Review: A Breath of Frost
  14. I’m totally one of the disorganized ones! The reason is pretty much the same with you, Ashley, because I’m still juggling my time between college, doing assignments and such, and blogging, too, I don’t want to make blogging feels like a ‘task’ where I have to ‘post this or that’ before the deadline! Noooo thanks, I already have too much ‘deadlines’ on my college assignments 😀

    Tirta @ I Prefer Reading recently posted: Fog on my mind
  15. I am pretty disorganized and I want to get more organized but it’s mostly so I can try and keep better track of what I have read, what needs to be read, etc. I don’t have a calendar but I do write down on a document what I asked to review and when they come out so I can try and make sure I get them read at least close to release date. (It’s not working so well but I still have hope..lol)

    Stormi recently posted: Movie Review: Gimme Shelter
  16. I’m a little of both. I’ve got excel spreadsheets with all of my review books and release dates listed but I’m like you, if I’m not in the mood for something I will just read what I want no matter what the release date is. Most likely if I try to make myself read a book just because a release date is coming up then I will probably DNF it just because I wasn’t in the mood.

    As far as calendars go, I had one for about a month and while it came in handy keeping track of posts, it just wasn’t for me.

  17. I do try to keep organized especially when it comes to e-ARC’s/ARC’s but I realized that I missed reading for fun. So I took about a week off of reading review books and focused just on my fun books. It rejuvenated me. It made me remember why I loved reading.

    Yet sometimes I have an e-ARC that I know doesn’t need to be read for awhile but I am just dying to read it. So I do. I read The Treatment by Suzanne Young already even though the review isn’t scheduled until March. If I want to read contemporary, I will read contemporary. Same for all of the different genres.

    I need to have lists though. I make a master list of ARC’s/e-ARC’s and the date I plan to schedule the review.If something happens (like DNF’ing a book) I cross it off of my list & calendar and do the obligatory response to the publisher or author.

    Alexia @ Adventures in Reading recently posted: Review: Where The Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller
  18. I think I’m a pretty disorganized blogger. I try to keep track of release dates for the ARCs I request. So I can hopefully review them before the release date. Honestly though, I’m not very strict with it. I’m a mood reader, and if I’m not in the mood to read something, I really won’t enjoy it as much and instead feel forced to read. I do plan out some posts like my Top Ten Tuesday if I choose to do it for the week or my Weekly Round Ups. Usually, I’m scrambling the night before writing whatever post I decide to have the next day. It’s not very organized, and it does mean that sometimes I just don’t have a post up because I had nothing to write about. But it works for me. I’m happy with it. & Really, I agree, blogging isn’t my job. It’s just something I love to do. Once things get too organized and structured, I’d feel constrained.

    Amy M. recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday
  19. This post makes me cringe, haha! I’m glad it works for you, though, and I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I do agree that living by a calendar and such has the potential to make it feel like a job, which would cause burn-out.

    But for me, being disorganised is so much more stressful! On top of that, I’m a really visual person. I can’t sit and work out in my head what I have left to do, whether that’s a review or a WoW post or whatever, so I need a calendar so I can lay all my plans out in front of me. If I didn’t, it’d all feel like it was pressing down on me. Of course, I know I run the risk of being burnt out and it feeling like a job sometimes, but I’ve resolved to take a hiatus when that happens.

    Nikki @ The Paper Sea recently posted: Waiting on...And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard
  20. I feel like I’m kind of an organized blogger because I generally read books based on when they’re coming out but mainly because I am SO indecisive when it comes to what I’m feeling at that moment. But at the same time I feel like I’m a disorganized blogger because I can ditch my schedule at any moment and read four library books or four me-books at one time before getting back on track with my actual schedule.

    But I totally agree with what you said, the freedom is such a great feeling when you choose your books. I know some people really hate feeling tied down by a schedule and a lot of people (including me sometimes) feel super stressed at the idea of reviewing this before their release date, and that’s actually the reason why I don’t usually join blog tours for books that I already own. The idea of a relatively inflexible scares me so much!

    Fantastic post, Ashley! <33

    Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain recently posted: Uninvited by Sophie Jordan
  21. I definitely see the value in following your mood rather than a schedule. I do that with all my review books and non-book club reads. I review when I feel like, which is why I really try to avoid signing up for many review book tours. But as far as specific posts like memes, a tour I signed up to post on a specific day, weekly discussion post, etc, I like to be organized. If I don’t write it down in a calendar, I run the risk of forgetting. And then I feel bad if people are counting on me to have something posted and my brain farted and lost the thought 🙂

  22. I think I am organized when it comes to cover/tours/blitz but when it comes to reading I am totally unorganized, I want to read what I want to read. Reviews are never planned they just go up whenever. I also try not plan to many review tours that’s like to much pressure and I can’t handle that with my home life of two school age kids and working. So honestly I need some organization but I don’t (if that makes sense) 🙂

    Michelle recently posted: A GRIMM LEGACY COVER REVEAL
  23. I am flexibly organized. Or perhaps I have disorganization within structure.
    I keep a blog calendar, so I can pencil in possible posts and firm commitments. I keep a chronological list of review books but that’s just because I have a) physical ARCs and b) e-books on a Kindle and c) also on a Nook — for those annoying Adobe-only ARCS. I don’t force myself to read in order, though. It’s more so stuff doesn’t fall through the cracks.
    I’m very seat-of-the-pants at times — I write posts the morning they go up, I switch post dates around, I start books and then stop them and then change my mind again. This is why I cannot have a co-blogger — I’d drive them insane 🙂

    Jen @ YA Romantics recently posted: Just Finished Reading … Cress by Marissa Meyer
  24. As far as having a schedule for what days of the week I post so-and-so, yes. I like that much organization. BUT. Sometimes I don’t follow it. I’ll switch out a discussion post for something else if I’m bored. And I don’t plan which books to review when, other than listing the ones I need to read in the month. I only do that because I stay behind.

    I’d love to be free to just not care! haha. That’s my goal, by March I want to be TOTALLY caught up on everything review wise. which means I need to read a lot before then, BUT I want to be laid back again, have fun, and be reading more of my books from my TBR than I am review books.

  25. I want to be an organized book blogger, because some of those planners look so pretty and would make me feel uber important, but like you, I don’t want blogging to become a chore, or to feel like a job. And that’s what would happen (that’s what did happen) when I read based on a schedule versus on the whims of my tastes that day.

  26. I’m so organized, haha. At least when it comes to my blog. I always have things marked down at least, but that doesn’t mean I get them done before the deadline. I just put them on the calendar, because it’ll encourage me to get it down in a timely manner xD If I didn’t write any dates down, I’d forget completely and feel bad for not reviewing a book I requested before its release date.


  27. You know I do use a google spreadsheet. But then I stressed myself out to the nines by packing my schedule with all these crazy books that I decided this year I was going to read what I want. I do have some blog tours lined up and those I’ll be sure to read by that date but other than that – I’m reading whatever I feel like. And because of that I read faster. You’re right – it does make it feel like a job. I do plan to still keep the spreadsheet to have a general idea. But I do not like to read early reviews so why would I want to post early reviews? I think its a bit unfair to people that don’t have that early access. I’m also making more time to read my own personally purchased books that I’ve neglected the past two – 3 years. I was still reading some of them but more and more were getting pushed to the backburner for these ‘hot new releases’. So now I’m reading whatever calls to me. I still plan to look at the spreadsheet and see if I feel more inclined to one thats pubbing soon but I’m not going to let the pressure get to me.

    Heck publishers like hype for a book anytime not just the day or month its released.

  28. I’m definitely an organized blogger. With everything else going on in my life, it makes me feel better to have a schedule. I will move things around though if I’m not feeling inspired to write a certain post or read a certain book, but for me it just helps to have everything at least written down or else I will forget about them. Especially with ARCs. Most of mine are egalleys and I will completely forget they are on my Kindle if I don’t put them on my calendar. But I pretty much do what I want. I try my best to make deadlines, but I also feel like if you stick too strictly to that, you may end up not liking a book just because you weren’t in the mood to read it. Does that make sense?

    Rebecca @ The Library Canary recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday: Hexed by Michelle Krys
  29. I read whatever I want when I want to and rarely request ARCs so I don’t have to schedule my reads. But I’m organized & scheduled with my posts – because blogging isn’t my job. I don’t like the stress with writing something to post the same day or even the next day. It happens, but I like to avoid it when I can.

    But also, because blogging isn’t my job. I don’t stress if I have to take a few days away from the blog. I don’t announce it or anything – and find it curious when people do (for times less than a week).

  30. I am so not good with deadlines, calendars, and whatever other organizing tools there are. I do a seasonal challenge on one of my goodreads groups so I do have a spreadsheet with the books I want to read for the tasks posted. Although those change quite often. I like reading by the mood too. I do keep a shelf on goodreads with my arc copies just in case I want to try to read them by the deadline. Doesn’t usually happen though.

    JennRenee recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday #95
  31. I’m a semi-organized blogger. I have a calendar where I mark blog tours and Netgalley release dates, but everything I read (other than Netgalley books) is based on what I feel like reading at the time. I try to work my Netgalley books into my mood reading since I find that I enjoy it a lot more than scheduled reading.

    Sarah recently posted: Review: Old City Hall
  32. Despite the fact that I use planners for my day-to-day tasks, I tend not to plan out my blog posts. I have a lot to juggle already– college, work, extracurriculars, which include blogging and I don’t want blogging to feel like a burden. Sometimes I let posts sit for a while before I publish them and that’s okay with me.

  33. I did the calender for about 6months of blogging last year and while it was good at first it did start to feel a lot like a job. It’s one of the main reason why I don’t do blog tours now as well, I always had to stick to a deadline and I didn’t need that, I’m already self-employed and run a design & lifestyle blog on top of What She Reads and I want to keep my book blog strictly as a loving hobby.
    I do still get books from Netgalley because they don’t really have a deadline for you to hit to and without the pressure I’ve probably read and reviewed more (saying that they’re all scheduled for the next few months as I’m moving house).

    Georgie @ What She Reads recently posted: BOOK 'n' BLOGGERS SWAP
  34. I’m totally disorganized too! And that works for me. I think it’s one of the reasons I’ve never had a blogging slump before 🙂 I have the freedom to read the books I want and I post whatever I want, when I want. I don’t like feeling forced to do anything.

    The only thing I do is: an excel document to keep track of all the ARC’s I have, otherwise I will forget about them and I don’t want that to happen. I put the publication dates in Google calender just for the idea, haha, because I should be reading a book publishing in February and I’m reading one for April.

    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted: Fairytale News 24. The hard life of a reader (6)
  35. I’m about half and half. I use a the calendar plugin to help scheduling, but not really for anything else. I know I like to do my “TV Tuesday” posts, but they aren’t set weekly since I’m usually not caught up on my shows. Then I have “Movie Mondays” that are planned but not yet started. I have like, 6 drafts worked on for that. But they are like, fillers for me, not set features that happen every week, period. I don’t do memes or anything. So my reviews, I just post then when I want or where there is space. I never post a review on the same day as something else and I try to only post once a day, but I don’t pressure myself. The most organization I really have is a folder in Evernote where I have a list of my review requests, a list of reviews to write, or what I want to read next, and a list of to-dos and discussion post topics. I don’t like the stress involved with planning it to the last detail.

  36. With my hectic schedule, I never know whether I’ll be able to read one book a week or ten books, which makes it hard to schedule reviews. Plus, I’m a mood reader. It’s impossible to set out which books I plan on reading first.
    I’m used to having deadlines because I’m on my school’s newspaper staff, but I don’t think I could ever enforce a deadline for myself. I’d just keep saying, “I’ll just post that review tomorrow…”

    D. @ The Nerdy Journalist recently posted: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
  37. When I read this post earlier, I was just nodding and nodding on my way to real work. I see that many feel guilty when they miss a post or are inactive, and I know it is something I will never relate too. I prefer blogging on a whim, and if that means no posts for a month, then so be it. If people get discouraged to visit again, it does not matter me at all. 🙂 I totally love this post, and I have a similar one in my drafts. FINALLY, a blogger has talked about this. Yay for disorganization and the joy that comes with it.

    Christine @ Oh, Chrys! recently posted: Oh, Chrys!, You’ve Changed!
  38. The only things I truly have planned are my tour days. I try to do weekly wrap ups and my discussions or miscellaneous are usually on Sundays… But other than that, I do what I want when I want. I have a calendar system that I use. But I write in pencil because I change my mind all the time. Planning too much does make is seem like a job. But sometimes I do need the organization – just because I have so much else that I have to do.
    But planning what order to read books in never works for me. It depends on my tours, my mood, how busy I am. And I like the flexibility. So even though getting more organized is my goal – I mean more organized in my disorganization. If that makes sense, haha

  39. I have a problem with deadlines, too! I’ve got a few older review copies piled up that I don’t even feel like reading. I want to read them first, because they’re in a way overdue, but there’s too many exciting spring releases I want to get to first! Plus, if I feel like I have to read them, it’s going to lessen my enjoyment. Unfortunately, I do feel obligated to read them, so I’m gonna have to eventually…but I’ll just put it off for a little while longer 😉

    I do, however, have a planner for blogging. It keeps me mentally organized (because I have the memory of a 50-year-old) and because I’m a very visual person, I like to see a physical schedule so I know what gaps I need to fill or what I still need to do. I do keep track of release dates (just not in my planner), not for deadline purposes but because I want a general idea of when to post my review if I do read it in time. Keeping track of my scheduling helps eliminate nearly all of the stress I used to feel about posting on time and having regular content. But I have to keep deadlines out of it!

    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat recently posted: Love for Books Readathon Sign Ups!
  40. I’m generally an organised blogger. I have a calendar printed out where I plan my posts, but if I’ve had a long day at work, or have a migraine, or am just not in the right mood sometimes I don’t write them. Or I write them a day late. So whilst I do plan ahead, if I’m not feeling up for it then I don’t do it, and don’t feel bad for it =)

  41. I guess I’m not organized at all. I read what I want when I want and post a review when I want or not at all. I read somewhere awhile back that the most important thing about blogging is “being yourself” and “enjoy what you’re doing”. I guess if it gets to the point where neither one of these things are happening, then you’re not having fun and will eventually stop posting on your blog.

    I never started my blog for other people. I started it for myself to keep a running list of books read and my personal thoughts of each (or not). I have it open to the public so that people can feel free to come and read it if they want to. Otherwise, like you say, it’ll turn into or feel like it’s turning into a “job”. I’ve got a job. This is just something I like to do as a follow up to the most favourite thing I like to do, which is read. I never want it to turn into something that I don’t enjoy.

    So yeah… unorganized and loving it!

    Carrie recently posted: Out Of Breath, Rebecca Donovan
  42. Obviously I needed to read this, because now I’m crying. (Thanks a lot.)

    My family struggles financially like some people are serious about their golf games; it’s practically a sport. And I’m disabled, which means my husband bears the brunt of our survival. I absolutely love to write, and since becoming a published author is something I would die to do, it only made sense that I would try to monetize my blog once I learned that’s a thing.

    But…I hate it.

    I mean, I like making money, but I HATE feeling the crush to perform, to please, to put out. And since making money is something that happens in extreme variety of denominations and frequency, it’s an incredibly unstable high, to say the least.

    I love writing my book blog. No money pressure – I get paid in books, and that’s awesome. And once I found a balance and way to keep from being buried under review expectations, I find book and entertainment blogging almost therapeutic. I hope I can find a way to make money in that space, but I’m okay if it doesn’t happen.

    And then there’s my lifestyle blog. The one where I mix cute stories about my daughter with recipes and product reviews and memoir pieces about growing up in an abusive home and surviving the aftermath.

    I try to make money there. At the very least, to support my blogging habit. But lately the stress of getting everything RIGHT is sucking the joy right out of me.

    I keep a calendar, and that’s helped – not for deadlines, so much, but for some sort of framework to follow, and not forget things which only adds to my stress. But after reading this, I’m going to step back a moment and evaluate my goals and habits, because if I’m doing what I love, I shouldn’t cry when I read someone else’s thoughts on organization and chaos and being happy.

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