Get Blog Followers from the Right Places

Get Blog Followers from the Right Places

There are no tricks or shortcuts to getting blog followers. There’s a difference between: Raising your follower NUMBER. Gaining real, LOYAL followers who love your content. Quite often, those are two completely different things. People can be so focused on #1 that they forget they […]

Lessons Learned from a 3 Year Blogger

Lessons Learned from a 3 Year Blogger

My first post on Nose Graze was published over three years ago now (April 11th, 2012). I’ve had this post scheduled for weeks now, but until yesterday it was a blank slate. Three years blogging and I couldn’t think of anything to say. I don’t […]

It’s Okay to Want to Grow Your Blog

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d really encourage you to pop over to Bibliolatry Me’s post on “Why do you blog?” That’s really what spurred this post! Lenore brings up some fantastic ideas that will have you pondering why YOU blog. If you […]

Why I Unfollowed You on Twitter

Why I Unfollowed You on Twitter

It’s pretty rare that I make the decision to unfollow someone on Twitter, but it does happen now and then. Here are five reasons why I might unfollow you: 1. You have too many automated tweets You know what my major pet peeve is? When […]

What Does a “Huge” Book Blog Look Like?

I started thinking about this after seeing a Facebook conversation about “huge book blogs”. Those people were referring to “huge book blogs” as ones that have 20k+ likes on Facebook. I thought it was really interesting how the focus was on Facebook rather than on […]

I Care About Numbers

It seems like everyone writes a post about how they’re, “done with page view/follower numbers because they’re not important!” Then heads all around nod in agreement. I’m going to talk about “the thing you don’t talk about” and that’s the fact that I care about […]

Why “Follow Backs” Are Pointless

Have you ever seen someone say, “Follow me, I follow back!” I mostly see it on Twitter but it also pops up on blogs (especially in comments on memes that link up). I think this is pointless behaviour. By telling me you “follow back”, I […]

Do Blogs Go in and Out of Fashion?

As bloggers, we all have moments of self doubt. We worry that our blogs aren’t good enough or that nobody’s out there actually reading our content or that we’ll never get new readers. It’s very common for bloggers to struggle with this. But here’s a […]

Do You Need to Follow Bloggers Who Follow You?

What would you say is the correct etiquette for following those who follow you? If you check out their blog and your eyes start to bleed, or if they read and review book genres that you don’t, BUT they have popped by and said they […]

Why Giveaways Won’t Give You More Followers

Every now and then I see people talking about giveaways and how they’re jealous of the “rich” bloggers who can afford to host tons of giveaways, because giveaways lead to more followers. These bloggers feel like they’re at a disadvantage because since they can’t afford […]

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