Blogoversary Day 6 Guest Post & Giveaway: The Art of Booknerding

Inky Presents: The Art of Booknerding

Guys I am so happy, delighted, fangirly, and honoured to welcome the famed, the glorified, the one of a kind INKYKINS! (A.K.A. Inky / Book Haven Extraordinaire.) Enjoy her wonderful guest post and a smexy giveaway at the end!

The Art of Booknerding

{can any reader be one, is there something more to it?}

By Inky from Book Haven Extraordinaire

Matilda Reading

Reading is one of the most common hobbies in the world. In fact, you could probably go so far as to say it’s the number one hobby around. You don’t have to look far to find a reader. Technology has even been specifically designed for the purpose of making the interest easier. It’s pretty snazzy how big the reading community is.

But then, within the bajillions of readers in the world, we have people that call themselves Book Nerds. It seems to be a pretty common term that people use. I found myself wondering if maybe that term is used a little too lightly. Can any old reader be a book nerd? Or does the name signify something more? Let’s look at some basic dictionary definitions for understanding. First we have Bibliophile, which we will use to describe the average reader:



a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like.

Okay so from this we can classify a reader as someone who loves books and might buy or collect them. Now let’s look at the definition of a nerd, that we could add to the end of ‘book’.


noun Slang.

an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

Now if we take this into concept with Books, we bump up the reading status quite a bit. From love of reading, to obsession. So, let’s talk obsession. I asked some fellow readers, what they think the kind  of characteristics a book nerd possesses are. From that I’ve compiled a short list of Booknerdisms.

  • They are really well read
  • They understand the industry well
  • They have an inability to keep one’s nose out of books
  • They are the owner and buyer of many books
  • They often share an emotional relationship with books
  • They love to smell books..among other things

In my opinion, this supposed Book Nerd status is indeed much more advanced than your average pleasure reader. It seems fair to me to say that this is a whole different class of the reading community. For one, it’s a lot more involved. But before making a final consensus, let’s break it down even further by taking each of the characteristics into consideration

They are really well read

Girl Reading in Library

Obviously, it makes sense for a Book Nerd to be well read, since you can’t be one till you are. *waves hands in attempts to confuse you all* We could say that some pleasure readers, stick to certain genres or authors, but that a book nerd might venture out into the unknown. By having an extensive array of material in their brain, it allows them to spread out, interact, and discuss more with others. For sure a bonus, if I do say so.

They understand the industry well.


From here, were build off of point A. Seeing as a booknerd likes to be involved in what’s going on the community, it helps to have an understanding of more who is who and what is what. Walk up to one and they could probably tell you who wrote a certain book, or even who published it. …[well, most of the time]… This is for sure a step up from the pleasure reader, who’s interaction with the reading community is that he/she read a book. By understanding the industry of books, including publishing and so forth, they could take their knowledge to a whole new level of participation and excitement, such as book blogging.

Inability to Keep One’s Nose Out of Books

I'm reading, get out of my room

In many cases, this form of Book love comes with the territory. Nerds are always engaging in their obsession. So for a book nerd….well you get the idea! Always reading. Books piling up. Leprechauns and Unicorns dancing…okay maybe not that but still, It’s a happy place in Nerdmania.

Owner and Buyer of Many Books

Shut up and take my money!

This one is pretty self explanatory. When you’re obsessed about something you want to own quite a bit of that thing. So naturally, as a Book Nerd, you want as many books as you can. Of course, what separates book nerds in this regard from the “average reader” is the buying spree. [see photo to right] When it comes to book nerds they love to hoard. Bookstores flourish. Whereas, say those that might not be considered an official nerd, wouldn’t be in the same mindset and therefore use the library. So, this could very well be a reason to set apart booknerds. Wouldn’t you say?

Book buying flow chart

Shares an emotional relationship With Characters

Cat says 'Sup?'

This is one of the best symbols of book nerdom that I’ve seen in my opinion. Being able to really get into the books and feel like you know them as a friend? That’s book love! Booknerds get that emotional connection so well. From laughing your guts out, to tearing up and bawling for an hour. And then having to go out in public and act normal….that’s skill.

They sniff books…among other things..

Book Sniffer

And those aren’t even the beginning! There are so many other little things that would probably be used to describe book nerds. Take book sniffing for instance. One of the most confessed Book Nerd crimes. Alright, it’s not a crime. It’s a Book Peeve, er, Good Peeve. If there’s such a thing.

Of course, maybe it’s something completely different, like taking the dust jacket off when lending books for fear of damaging the Precious.

Or that..calling your books Precious…A pretty unhealthy habit if I’ve learned anything from Lord of the Rings.


So. We’ve reviewed some of the common characteristics of Booknerdom. Can we officially call it a class of readers? What do you think? Could these traits set apart some people the people that aren’t like it? Maybe. In fact, I’m partially inclined to think so myself.

But even if it is, BookNerds aren’t a species. It’s not a race or title given to people. It is still a fun name that people can give themselves if they want. It’s a way to say “I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY BOOK LOVE.” It’s a title that connects the reading community and makes it one of the best trends on earth.


P.S. I just got ONE last thing to say……HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me stop by today! <3333


And… since you asked me to pick my top 5 favs for a giveaway, here they are:

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  1. Hannah, you make me laugh wayyy too much ;D I adore the gifs, especially the bananna one, hehe SO FREAKIN CUTEEEEE <3
    I was getting so worried that I was the only one that liked to smell books (especially the news ones-heck. ONLY the new ones beacuse the old ones smell funny :S) Thanks for sharing guys, you are both too awesome! Love y'all <3


    Melanie recently posted: Teaser Tuesday (10)
  2. LOVES! Hells yes I am a Book Nerd. I have a whole bookshelf of unread books because I can’t stop buying them and I can only read so much while trying to write and work. I read at least 3 books a week and I won’t take them outside the house because if even a smidge of something gets on one of my books I will have a fit.

    Jennifer Bielman recently posted: Kindle & Nook Freebies & Cheapies #36
  3. I looove your nerdery post and wholeheartedly agree ^^ And those gifs and other pictures made me crack up XD Especially about ‘do I need a new book’. Ahem. ^^” And the sniffing. And talking about characters. And knowing more book birthdays by heart than, well, people birthdays.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I’ve read and loved most of them but I’ve been told to read the Mistborn books for a long time now πŸ™‚

    Carmen B. recently posted: Workshop with Lee Weatherly
    1. Oooh! The Book Birthdays is a really good nerd clue! Too bad I didn’t think of that for my post! Haha. I wholeheartedly agree. Best. Flowchart. Ever. And you MUST read the Mistborns. They. Are. Flipping. Amazing. Made me laugh, bawl my eyes out and freak out in pure excitement. So worth it!

      Inky recently posted: Review: Let The Sky Fall
  4. Oh Yeah ! I am definitely a Book Nerd !
    Loved this Post!
    Happy Blogoversary, Ashley !

  5. I am most definitely a book nerd. I read every day, I am constantly buying them no matter how many I still have in my stack to read, and I always, always sniff them. Several times, in fact. I’m not ashamed!

    By the way, that cat? HILARIOUS. Happy Blogoversary!!!

  6. This post made my morning. Oh how I love you ladies and Happy Bloggaversary Ashley! Thanks for the awesome giveaways. Being 100% book nerd (where my entire campus at school mocks me and my books), I appreciated how the post broke the traits down. =D Have a great day!

    Mallory (@BookMeFairy) recently posted: Crush.Candy.Corpse
  7. Thanks for the giveaway! And yes, I am! I read on average two-three books a week.

    mestith at gmail dot com

  8. YES!! I wouldn’t spend so much time on book blogs or money on buying books if I wasn’t one.

  9. Considering that I haven’t been able to go anywhere without a book without losing it ever since I was 5, YES I am a Booknerd;) I have a Kobo, Kindle, and paperback in my purse/totebag right now here at work, lol.

  10. OMG I am such a book nerd. My best friend lives 5 hours away and I go visit her every 1-2 months. There’s an AMAZING used bookstore there, and I make her take me every time I visit, no matter that I already have a huge to-read pile of books at home. My goal is to read between 50 and 75 books a year, and I managed 70 last year. I follow about 20 different book blogs to get recommendations/reviews (and enter giveaways for books that look good!) and I have a google doc where I track all of the books that I want to read at some point. It’s over 200 books long and is categorized (YA, sci-fi, fantasy, zombie, steampunk, urban paranormal) AND alphabetized by author.

  11. Oh my GOSH. This is kinda weird, seeing my posts on your blog!!! I’m so glad you all like it!! My writer side was all, “this is crappy, no one will like it”.

    Eeep! So Thanks for letting me dive bomb attack your blog with my gifs!!! <33333 yer guts ASHEYBABY.


    [I kinda love that nickname btw]

    Inky recently posted: Review: Let The Sky Fall
  12. Yes! I love books πŸ™‚ Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

  13. AWESOME POST, INKY!! I am a total book nerd and I am darn proud of it! πŸ˜‰ My mother says it’s not normal that I hoard books and I tried explaining to her that that’s what book nerds DO. But she didn’t get it. -_-

    And BOOK-SNIFFING?! Oh my gosh, YES. I have this drawer filled with about 50 books that I really want to read (all my others are packed away at the moment while we renting this tiny place till our house is built, which is in 3 weeks. YAY! :D) and when you open the drawer you just SMELL BOOKS. It’s like heaven!

    Also, it’s so nice that there is whole community of book nerds that I can fangirl with! πŸ˜€

    Happy blogoversary, Ashley!!! πŸ˜€

    1. THANK YOU KYRA! And ohmigosh yes!!! My mother asks me all the time if I think I have too many books that are overtaking my room. I’m like DUH NO. A booknerd will be a booknerd. The sounds heavenly!!! I love it.

      Inky recently posted: Review: Let The Sky Fall
  14. Yes i am a book nerd.. I have tons of books on my tbr list and i cant get enough of reading!! I love entering worlds that authors create and visualizing them in my head!! I have read so many great books!! I do believe my reading lots of books began with Twilight series..

  15. Happy blogoversary! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Ummm… I think I’m more than a book nerd and maybe more into book hoarder territory πŸ™‚

  16. I’m a proud book nerd πŸ˜€
    Happy blogoversary and thank you for the giveaway!

  17. IT’S SO PRETTY!! I love the new look Ashley πŸ˜€

    And of course I’m a book nerd! Who else would stay up until 3am reading when she had to be at work for 8 that same morning?!

    Kelly recently posted: ARC Book Review: Sketchy
  18. I’m a book nerd… and I’m proud of it~
    Love your post and all the gifs go perfectly with everything~
    Happy blogaversary!

  19. Haha I so love this post! This definitely confirms that I am, for sure, a book nerd! And proud! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  20. Haha I think I singlehandedly keep my bookstore in business (not really, but I’d like to think so!). I love being a book nerd. It’s just part of my identity. I have to admit that before blogging I was borderline book nerd because I didn’t know the industry as well, but now there’s really no questioning it. Great post!

    Janita @ Book, Interrupted recently posted: Throwback Thursday (11)
  21. Thursday, I got 52 books for my collection, and 77 mangas. Got 20 mangas and 5 three-in-1 omnibus mangas, and 1 four-in-1 omnibus manga a couple weekends as well. And, these all add to the 2000 or so in my collection that I still need to read. >.> Yep, 154 books. Craigslist and thrift stores bring out book-buying sprees. So, I think I definitely qualify as a book nerd.

    Also, spent 1/2 an hour this evening, walking around Sam’s Club with my mom, while reading manga on my eReader as I walked. Also, everytime we take trips, I am always reading something….be it on my eReader or as an “actual” book.

    And, now, here I am, yet again, registering to win another book, since I see one up there that goes with one I already have.

  22. Oh course I’m a book nerd. A HUGH one at that. I read all the time, I’d rather sit at home curled with a book that go out to a bar or something. I can talk about books for hours on hours, which drive my friends–who are decidedly NOT book nerds–quite mad. I spend about an hour (sometimes more) every week arranging my bookshelves, just because I either get new books (and my shelves has a certain order, so I can’t just stuff those somewhere) and just because I look at it and suddenly it’s not good enough. My room isa total mess… but my bookshelves are always spotless. I write a book review blog and enjoy every second of it.
    The only thing I ever really do with my money, is buy books.
    So, yep, Book Nerd. And soooo proud of it.

    Nitzan Schwarz recently posted: Most Hateful Trends in Books
  23. Of course, I’m a book nerd and love it! I love books, always have (at least) one within hands reach. As long as I have a good book to read, I’m easily entertained πŸ™‚ As for my book buying and collecting habit, *blushes* let’s not go there! I’m in denial πŸ™‚

    Trish Hannon recently posted: YOUR Favourite Book
  24. Yep! I am a complete book nerd. I go no where with out a book or my kindle (which I consider a book)! And don’t even get me started talking about books or you will be stuck for a long, long time!

  25. I hope I’m a booknerd. I don’t know the definite specification to be a certain booknerd, but I’d like to think myself as one. I have a big pile of TBR books untouched, also my friend often borrowing my book or asking me what book to read or is any of book they plan to buy is really good.
    And I’m a book giveaway junkie!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I am a total book nerd, today I rudely abandoned my friends in a clothes store just so I could spend some extra time in the book store. I love the smell and feel of books, I know some people have problems with second hand books that may be a little crinkled and yellowed but I love them. I love knowing another reader once owned this book and it has history. If I’m ever traveling I would love to explore bookstores around the world and libraries. I get some grief from my friends because I’m always going on about characters as if they’re real people, I think I’ve developed unrealistic expectations of people now. I love this post. <3 πŸ˜€

  27. I am a total book aholic/nerd. I have 7 huge bookcases that are full at all times. I read a little bit of everything, and a lot period. I average at least 2 to 3 books a week, if not more. I love our local Goodwill, the first Sat. of each month they have 1/2 price sale on books, and I always stock up. I find books anywhere I can. I moved to a small town and so there are no good used book stores here, so I just search out anything I can find, and enter great giveaways, when there are books I want to read. I love your blog, and always enjoy your recommendations.

  28. definitely book nerd even i have pile of book or ebook, still want new books πŸ˜€

  29. I seem to be getting book nerdier every day. My favorite thing is getting so into the book that I have an emotional attachment to the characters. Those are the books I love the most. Great post and thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Absolutely, positively, 100% YES!!! I started reading at age 2 and have never looked back!!

    Fabulous guest post, by the way πŸ˜‰

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