Statistics from Books I Reviewed in 2013

Statistics from Books I Reviewed in 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, it’s time to look back on the year! I reviewed a total of 147 books. Wow, that’s quite a few!

I have a couple of statistics I’d love to share with you guys! These statistics show where I got these books, who published them, how I rated them, and more. So let’s dig in and highlight some of the best and worse of the bunch. πŸ˜€

Where I got my books

This chart shows where I got all the books I reviewed in 2013! You can see that I bought most of the books (48) with NetGalley and Edelweiss coming in second.

NameNumber of ReviewsAverage Rating
ARC From Publisher13 Reviews3.77 Stars
Author6 Reviews3.08 Stars
Blog Tour12 Reviews3.92 Stars
BookExpo America11 Reviews3.64 Stars
Edelweiss20 Reviews2.90 Stars
Finished Copy From Publisher1 Review2 Stars
Gifted4 Reviews4.12 Stars
NetGalley25 Reviews3.36 Stars
Purchased48 Reviews3.46 Stars
Won4 Reviews3.50 Stars

How many books I read in each genre

Ignoring “Young Adult” coming out on top (because that’s technically an age group), romance was my most popular genre, followed by contemporary. I’m not surprised because I read a buttload of contemporary romances!

My favourite contemporary romances

Rating-wise, and ignoring genres with only one review (because that’s no fair!), Thriller totally rocked it. I read 6 thriller books and they got an average rating of 4.17 out of 5. We’re talking The Naturals, Find Me, Premeditated, The Rules for Disappearing and more!

NameNumber of ReviewsAverage Rating
Abuse4 Reviews3.88 Stars
Action1 Review2.50 Stars
Adult13 Reviews3.65 Stars
Adventure1 Review3 Stars
Aliens1 Review4.50 Stars
Angels2 Reviews3 Stars
Apocalyptic2 Reviews2.75 Stars
Chick Lit1 Review4.50 Stars
Contemporary77 Reviews3.48 Stars
Crime2 Reviews3.25 Stars
Demons2 Reviews3.75 Stars
Drama3 Reviews2 Stars
Dystopian28 Reviews3.29 Stars
Erotica7 Reviews3.79 Stars
Fairy Tale Retelling2 Reviews3.75 Stars
Fantasy23 Reviews3.24 Stars
Greek Mythology1 Review4.50 Stars
Historical Fiction4 Reviews3 Stars
Humor1 Review4 Stars
Magic2 Reviews2.50 Stars
Memoir1 Review2.50 Stars
Mermaids5 Reviews2.70 Stars
Military1 Review3 Stars
Music2 Reviews2.75 Stars
Mystery10 Reviews3.55 Stars
Mythology6 Reviews3.25 Stars
New Adult28 Reviews3.38 Stars
Non-Fiction1 Review2.50 Stars
Paranormal20 Reviews3.68 Stars
Post Apocalyptic7 Reviews2.57 Stars
Retelling2 Reviews2.75 Stars
Romance96 Reviews3.41 Stars
Science Fiction34 Reviews3.35 Stars
Space2 Reviews2.25 Stars
Sports2 Reviews2.50 Stars
Survival1 Review3 Stars
Suspense2 Reviews2 Stars
Thriller6 Reviews4.17 Stars
Time Travel3 Reviews4 Stars
Vampires2 Reviews4.25 Stars
Young Adult106 Reviews3.35 Stars
Zombies2 Reviews2.50 Stars

Fabulous YA thrillers

I had bad luck with drama, space, and wow—the post apocalyptic category really tanked. I read 7 books in that genre and they got an average rating of 2.57 out of 5! Yeeks.

Horrible post-apocalyptic books

How many books I read by each publisher

HarperTeen dominates! I guess that’s not surprising. A huge reason is probably because I got a lot of physical ARCs from them and I’m auto approved for them on Edelweiss. But I’m proud to say that the next one down is self-published! I love me some indie authors! ♥

Self published books that rock

As far as ratings go, I continue to love Sourcefire Books and Atria books. I started reading more Disney Hyperion books this year and with an average rating of 4 stars, they’re rocking it! It looks like I haven’t been doing well with Spencer Hill Press (2.33 star average) and Random House. They both had some real doozies like Frigid, PODs, Lies Beneath, and Dualed.

NameNumber of ReviewsAverage Rating
Atom1 Review0 Stars
Atria Books5 Reviews4.10 Stars
Balzer & Bray7 Reviews3.14 Stars
Berkley Trade1 Review5 Stars
Bloomsbury USA Childrens5 Reviews3.40 Stars
C&C Legacy Publishing1 Review2.50 Stars
Cincinnatus Press1 Review3 Stars
Corgi Children’s Books1 Review2.50 Stars
Delacorte Books for Young Readers3 Reviews3.50 Stars
Dial2 Reviews3.25 Stars
Disney Hyperion6 Reviews4 Stars
Doubleday1 Review2 Stars
Dutton Adult1 Review5 Stars
Dutton Juvenile2 Reviews3.50 Stars
ECW Press1 Review3.50 Stars
EgmontUSA1 Review3 Stars
Entangled Teen3 Reviews4 Stars
Farrar Straus and Giroux4 Reviews3.50 Stars
Feiwel & Friends2 Reviews4.75 Stars
Forever Romance1 Review3.50 Stars
Gallery Books1 Review1.50 Stars
Harlequin Teen7 Reviews3.86 Stars
HarperCollins1 Review4.50 Stars
HarperTeen16 Reviews3.53 Stars
Henry Holt and Co.1 Review3 Stars
Katherine Tegen Books9 Reviews3.22 Stars
Little Brown Books for Young Readers3 Reviews4.50 Stars
Metal Blonde Books1 Review4 Stars
MTV Books1 Review1.50 Stars
NAL1 Review4.50 Stars
Omnific Publishing2 Reviews3.25 Stars
Papoti Books1 Review5 Stars
Penny Press2 Reviews3.50 Stars
Putnam Juvenile1 Review0 Stars
Random House Books for Young Readers2 Reviews2.25 Stars
Razorbill3 Reviews3.50 Stars
Scholastic Point1 Review4 Stars
Science Future Press1 Review3 Stars
Self Published14 Reviews3.61 Stars
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers2 Reviews1.50 Stars
Simon Pulse4 Reviews3.38 Stars
Skyscape4 Reviews2.88 Stars
Sourcebooks Fire3 Reviews4.17 Stars
Speak1 Review1.50 Stars
Spencer Hill Contemporary1 Review2 Stars
Spencer Hill Press2 Reviews2.50 Stars
Spiegel & Grau1 Review2.50 Stars
St. Martin’s Press3 Reviews2.83 Stars
Tor Teen1 Review2 Stars
Walker Childrens3 Reviews3.50 Stars
William Morrow5 Reviews3.10 Stars

How I rated books

It looks like I handed out the most 4 star ratings, with 3 stars coming in at a close second.

RatingNumber of Books
5 Stars19
4.5 Stars22
4 Stars27
3.5 Stars12
3 Stars26
2.5 Stars14
2 Stars12
1.5 Stars8
1 Star4
0.5 Stars0
0 Stars0
Did Not Finish3

Four books I absolutely hated

And that’s all folks!

I’m really, really proud of all the books I’ve read and reviewed in 2013. It was certainly a crazy year. I feel like next year is going to be really up in the air. I suspect that I’ll get less reading done because I’ll have a lot more things to juggle. Lately has stolen a lot of my reading time (I’m loving it, but it means more coding, less reading :P).

But 2013 has been a great year and I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all my readers! πŸ˜€ I love you and Nose Graze wouldn’t exist without you! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Oh Allegiant, how it haunts me. I haven’t read it yet but I know the ending, so I’ve been putting it off. I feel like since I read and reviewed the first two, I should just go ahead and finish the series and stop being such a baby about it. But I’m not sure I can take 400+ pages of Tris whining, Tobias whining, and the two of them not sorting out their problems. Yuck, indeed.

    Also, The Edge of Never! I saw that at Target the other day and immediately wanted to pick it up, but I have such a TBR pile right now I reluctantly put it back. :B

    This is a really cool feature from the UBB plugin. I’ll have to use it next year. πŸ˜›

    Sydney recently posted: 2013′s End of the Year Book Survey
    1. Bleh, it basically is 400+ pages of that. Such a huge disappointment.. especially because I loved Divergent, but then it all just went downhill. πŸ™

  2. I love stats! I’m working on (and procrastinating) my post for my 2014 reading challenge…and wishing I had more stats on my 2013 challenge. I can’t afford a plug-in like that, but it is. so. awesome. HarperCollins are probably my favourite publishers. I’m most likely to like their books, so I don’t worry when I request. I’d never read any indie-authors until this year! I’m happy. πŸ™‚ Congrats on 147 books! Woah! That’s amazing. πŸ˜‰ I read 107.

    1. I’d honestly never post stats like this if I couldn’t generate them automatically. I think I saw one person who manually put together something like this and I think that would drive me crazy! O_O I could never do it! Lol.

      107 is a great number! Congrats. πŸ˜€

  3. You and your effing stats! I hate you because I want to be you. lol. I always wanted to read PODs, yeah, wont be doing that now. I am so excited for Four Seconds to Lose. I probably wont be reading as much next year either, so much school and I want to start my book tour business in the summer. I am nervous it’s not going to work out but I really, really want it to.

    Jennifer Bielman recently posted: 2013 Best Books by Genre (Happy New Year!)
    1. My god I wish I DNF’d Taking Chances. That was literally one of the worst books I’ve EVER read.

      The whole Divergent series just really disappointed me after the first book. I loved Divergent itself but then the other two books just went further and further downhill. πŸ™

    1. Branching out is good! I find that if I read too much of the same thing I get bored and start rating them lower lol.

  4. Oh it looks like you had a generally really fantastic year, though! I’m happy that you founds really great books out of the bad books there were, and I’m thinking that I should probably read some of those contemporary books you mentioned loving, like Attachments or maybe The Naturals or The Edge of Never <33 Have a fantastic new year!

    Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain recently posted: Accomplishments and Resolutions for 2014
  5. I love these stats, and seeing what the UBB plugin can do. I installed the plugin a month ago and am updating my old reviews, but it will be a while before I can run stats like this for all of 2013. It will be fun when I can though.

    Sarah recently posted: December in review
  6. I love your stats! This is a great post. Romance would definitely come in at #1 for me as well, I can’t read a book if there isn’t romance in it.

    Allegiant was a HUGE disappointment! Its put me off seeing the movie now as well which I was super excited about πŸ™

    Happy New Year Ashley! x

  7. Really nice to read those stats! I was wondering if you could advise me on some books to read. I have finished a lot of books and I don’t know what to buy anymore.

    I loved books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter etc. The Fantasy genre is something I really enjoy but if you know another nice book for me to read? What do you think that is a must read book?


    Made by Carlijn recently posted: #DIY: Cozy candellight jars & flower vases

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